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CMR MINING is an ISTANBUL-TURKEY located company having its own mines Also CMR has Office and staff in MERSIN-TURKEY for facing customers demandsand controllıing loading operations at Mersin Port. CMR is well position edaccordıng to the expected world growth in the mining sector and yet company is striving for more than corporate success.The most important strategy of the company is giving back to community , protecting the environment and taking care of its people.

Company’s aim is to build long term buisness with its share holders.CMR’sgoal is to create low cost with high quality solutions which meetthe mining sectordemands responsibly. Be coming largest , one of the most efficient supplying companye specially from Turkey and allaround the World. Success with honesty of Production and quality assurance services working with the character of CMR.Thank you for your interestand trust. We willgo on serving you today and in the future.

Chrome ore

Future Technology of Chrome Mining at Turkey.